The power of networking

The book I recently read and reviewed, "Networking is Dead" was a great read. I'm now collecting names for a draw (enter by Friday, July 12 at 5pm ET by emailing your name and if you like, a short paragraph about your biggest networking challenge) as the publisher generously offered a free copy to a lucky reader!

The title doesn't end with that statement; it continues with "Making Connections that Matter." And that's the key to networking. Throw out your outdated or erroneous networking ideas and embrace this robust formula as presented in the book. It's a great read and you'll find a few previous blogs on its content in my journal entries. (Search Career Management or scroll through the last page or two.)

Every once in a while I get a client who really gets it. A person who understands that most people enjoy being included, asked, thought of, mentioned ... it makes us feel good, like we matter, and like our knowledge is respected and needed. That's really what networking "feels" like. Connection. Validation. Communication. These clients find jobs super fast and some use their New Leaf resume only when they reach the salary negotiation stage.)

The power begins when connections are made; it grows as knowledge is transferred; it is solidified as mutual benefits are exchanged.

It is not one-sided, it isn't a tit-for-tat formula and it isn't always linear and obvious.

Success in networking does involve some strategic thinking but it's mostly about honest and erstwhile human interactions that are not focused on "what can I get out of this" but focused on mutual gain.

Enter the draw! You'll want to read it and integrate this organic networking into your life. It's powerful stuff!

- always working toward YOUR career's success, Stephanie