The key to success


The key to success is simple. It's also complex. As are so many things in life. Simple in that it's largely in your control; complex in that it's largely in your control.

We humand can be perplexing!

Here's the key to success: it is largely up to you. Yes, it does help if you've got a great boss, or if you landed a great first position after graduating. It helps if you were in the right place at the right time (like Steve Jobs) or hooked up with the perfect pals (like The Beatles). But plenty of people didn't have perfect conditions or oodles of money or other advantages and you have to admit: there's a strong element of self-reliance and responsibility in success (however you define that).

If you improve your handshake, your smile, your demeanour, your skills, your attitude, etc etc etc, you will succeed. There are plenty of examples where you have two people in the same job, given the same tools and equal opportunities and one succeeds beyond measure and the other flounders.

If that describes your situation, is it you or are you in the wrong place? Perhaps your colleague, that super achiever, thrives in a traditional workspace and maybe you, the struggling under achiever, would blow the competition out of the water if you were working in a hip alternative environment?

Maybe, just maybe, you need to be truthful to you and define your own version of success?

I define success (just for me mind you) as being able to work the hours I want. Today I started at 7am and had time for a visit with my daughter and grand-daughter in the afternoon. I returned to work at 3:30 and here I am blogging. My definition of success also includes happy clients, taking lots of training (I do love to learn, still!), making time to mentor junior colleagues, and the odd day here and there for "goofing off" with a trip to a great lake or a day with a good book! My definition has no dollars attached to it.

Do you know your definition? Certainly you owe it to yourself to put words to this concept!

Success is up to you and it is largely in your control. If you don't know how, the resume is a great foundational document that helps you identify successes in concrete terms. And it can lead to interviews that get you into an employment situation that you enjoy. There are choices along the way. For example, you can't grasp at just any job; you must be selective. You cannot sell out for perks that are meaningless to you; you have to stick to your truth.

Career management is the key to success, and that's what my business is all about!

- setting the stage for masterful resumes and supporting each client's definition of success, Stephanie