Self Awareness in the Interview

A recent article, The Toughest Questions Asked In an MBA Harvard Interview, cited that self awareness was at the core of a few questions.

The questions are:

Describe something you should be doing more of, and less of. (This is technically not a question, I agree.)

What's the one thing you'll never be as good at as others?

And the advice given is to own your faults and limitations, and don't try pretending you are great at everything. Good advice.

I'm rotten with bookkeeping. I also will never be great at memorizing details. No matter, as I don't need to be great at these in my job. My work is more about writing than keeping track of money and it's more about committing facts to short term  than long term memory. I won't even try to "perfect" these as it would be a waste of time and brain space!

We all have limitations. Being aware of these is critical in business because at some point we may need to delegate. No one is expected to be perfect, all-knowing, never-failing.

So how about you? What's your weakness?

If you need help expressing your weakness in a way that doesn't sound like you've given up and doesn't make you feel like you're sure to lose the job offer, consider hiring me for interview coaching. I have a knack for adding a positive to almost any negative! (There's something to be said for my rose-coloured glasses!) - Stephanie