Amplify your self-marketing

This morning I was reading through Job Search Letters for Dummies, and marvelled at how many different types documents there are - beyond the resume and cover letter - to differentiate yourself in the job hunt. (I use many for my own clients, but seeing a list made it so clear that the sky's the limit!) And then I read Master marketer, Seth Godin's, blog and my own idea for this blog evolved. Here is his blog:

Put two loudspeakers next to each other, and the perceived sound isn't twice as loud--and ten times as many speakers certainly doesn't seem ten times as loud.

But when you hear an idea from two people, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from ten people, the impact is completely off the charts compared to just one person whispering in your ear.

Coordinating and amplifying the evangelists of your idea is a big part of the secret of marketing with impact.

His words hold a lesson for job hunters. Don't rely on just the resume and cover letter; challenge yourself to amplify your value and evangelize your hiring potential with additional marketing documents!

Which leads us to the Job Search Letters for Dummies list of leave-behind documents (page 185):

  • accomplishment statements
  • industry experience close-up
  • occupation highlights
  • skills summary
  • targeted profile
  • leadership inititives summary
  • cultural fit statement
  • educational achievements
  • training snapshot
  • project plan
  • mini portfolio
  • certification achievements
  • performance snapshot
  • strengths summary

Not all could work for everyone, admittedly, but when I work with people, I come up with ideas for these. A few unusual ones include a book-list of the top five books that impacted my client's work (in the Job Search book, page 39), and a list of sports achievements. Each client landed a job quickly.

If you need help, New Leaf is here, ready to help you distinguish yourself in your own job search.

- replacing mediocrity with masterful self-marketing documents, Stephanie