The Time is Now!

Today an inquiring potential client wrote "I hope the fee isn't too high as I am now unemployed." I feel the person's pain in wanting to get ahead, needing a job, desperate for an income.

It's not the first time, of course, that I have heard similar words from people. And my immediate thought is that Canadians need to take their career management seriously.

Like networking, creating a professional resume isn't something you leave for the last minute, or for when you have no funds to dedicate to this career-management tool. The truth is that even if you are working, and EVEN if you feel like your job is secure, you really must have an up-to-date well-written, strategic resume. (If you think security means anything today, I can share many stories of people in similar situations who found out that security is a myth.)

In fact, I will share some of those stories:

  • the 42-year old manager, with a 15 year history of success, rising through the ranks of the same company, who found himself let loose when the shareholders decided it was time to sell
  • the under 30 sales dyanamo, who had a remarkable history of achievement, breaking sales goal records and coming up with a new revenue stream who found herself fired when a new manager took a distinct disliking to her
  • the univerisity-employed whistle-blower who was asked to leave after alerting her superiors to major financial discrepancies. Guess who got to stay?

These are but the few that are top-of-mind today. There are many more related to American companies that pulled out, to IT companies that fizzled out, to "secure" municipal jobs that went "poof" when a new manager breezed in.

My process is costly, yes, but it's an investment in getting the career you want. My process is lengthy and won't land you your dream job, you know, the one that closes tomorrow because you just noticed it.

Don't wait until the last minute! Don't risk hearing "I'm sorry, there's no way I can meet an overnight deadline. I won't compromise quality for lack of time." Okay, I won't say that last sentence, but I might be thinking it!

Quality is critical in this process. Writing - good writing, excellent content, and strategic context - takes time. I won't put my business name at risk of mediocirty; why would you accept mediocrity in your resume, that most foundational career management document?

- just asking a few questions in the name of career management, Stephanie