Economy Grinds its Gears

Saturday's Globe and Mail, Canada's leading, national newspaper, featured an article on unemployment. The Report on Business section headline read "Canada sheds 40,000 jobs as economy grinds its gears."

The reason? A rather wishy-washy "economy stuck between recession and recovery." That's a big number and doesn't sound very recovery-oriented, especially if you are currently in a job hunt!

Given these statistics - dismal and depressing as they are - what are you doing to kick your job search into high gear? Surely you're not peddling the same boring resume that hasn't landed you an interview thus far? And hopefully you've taken time to create a LinkedIn profile - headline and summary - that will attract a recruiter's search? And maybe you've taken the job search seriously enough to head to the library to unearth new job search ideas? and taken the time to source out reliable on-line resources?

If not you may find yourself part of that 40,000 cohort for much longer than necessary. It's true that looking for a job is a job or its own. It takes time, and lots of it, to beat the odds. But people DO beat the odds. There are plenty of people who do land interviews, who are offered a position and who find themselves working productively.

How long it takes depends on the quality of the job search documents, the intensity of the job search effort, the innovative steps you might take to ensure you are outstanding.

I look at the job hunt with a Kaizen perspective: small, incremental changes, tweaks, ideas, mindset, can make a big difference. Truth is, few job hunters take extraordinary steps and that makes it easy for those who do to get noticed. That is, to land interviews, negotiate a job offer, and rejoin the ranks of the productive, paid public.

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- working hard to help people find meaningful work, Stephanie