Is your career worth your while?

This evening I watched a program on how math impacted civilization. The narrator enlightened viewers on many mathematical applications, and mentioned that the Great Wall of China took 2000 years to build.

Wow. 2000 years. That is mind boggling. Obviously generation after generation remained dedicated to complete this goal.

Some things are just worth the while.

I marvel at how little time and effort some of us are willing to put into our careers. I was just as guilty: there was a time when I didn't guide my career, quite the contrary. I was simply happy to have "a job." The idea of career management was alien to me.

But today, I not only understand how valuable it is to manage your career, I am passionately encouraging people to do so! And Canadians seem to be behind other nations in this.

Without a doubt, writing a resume is the critical and foundational piece of career management strategies. Gathering the info needed to build a resume in which the content defines your strengths, talents, skills, educational credentials, and experience, and selecting and tossing info according to a strategy, is the solid footing from which career management evolves.

How much time do you ascribe to this task? What documents do you gather to prepare for the writing of this career management business case? How willing are you to admit that this document must be more than a listing of what you did?

Depending on how you answered those questions, your career may flourish or perish. Curious? I hope so!

- here to take resumes from mediocre to masterful, Stephanie