The next and amazing in the world of work

A wonderful aspect of my work is that I get to interview people who do jobs that I don't even know exist! A lot of these are in technology, of course, but some are from traditional environments, like insurance. There are tons of job titles in that field alone!

And then there are those clients who hold titles I recognize, but they are not common. Last month, for example, I worked with a "spy" from CSIS! Well, uncover work was part of his role, but spy sounds so much more exotic!

And then I read this article on eight new jobs people will have in 2025. Well, who knows if they will or won't be real jobs, but they are possible. (Actually, I think that we don't even have the imagination or fortune-telling power to see what kinds of jobs will exist in 2025!)

It's a fun article. Who knows? You may be inspired to start now to work towards becoming a Digital Death Manager or Unschooling Counsellor. Or maybe the idea of being an Armchair Explorer or 3-D Printing Handyman sounds appealing?

For those who are curious or want to be inspired, do check out the job description of Microbial Balancer (health related), Digital Detox Specialist (an unhealthy blend of health and technology), Urban Shepherd (no livestock involved) and Corporate Disorganizer (more about organized chaos).

- life is nothing if not interesting! - Stephanie