Resume Writing Services

This week I have been corresponding with a potential client, a senior level educator who first engaged me for interview coaching and is now considering having her resume completely redone, which is what I do.

In one of her emails she shared that she really had no idea that there were services available that would help her create a resume, cover letter, bio, LinkedIn profile and so on, so that she could compete at an executive level.

What can I say?  Yes, we are here, we are skilled, we are willing! (visit

I cannot speak for other service providers, but heck, I can admit that I love my job! I get such a rush from helping job hunters land interviews! From helping those who have been restructured out of a position (as was this woman) regain confidence by acquiring a new-found pride in the value they have provided their past employers after going through a process that defines how they put their skills to use, how they've benefited their employers with bottom-line accomplishments, and how they've provided a Return on Investment.

Yes, that was a run-on sentence, but I was on a roll! The problem I have in conveying what I do for job hunters is captured by the phrase "there is power in the written word"! Yes, and it rests with the prowess of the writer. If you're not a writer, don't doubt that someone who loves words can capture your value on paper - or digital document - and influence a recruiter to consider you as a wonderful candidate for a job opening!

I am totally enthusiastic about how the expertise that I have developed has helped so many land jobs and even "dream jobs" - ones they only dreamed of and didn't really believe they could land.

I feel like a crusader on a mission to restore confidence in the recruiting system by helping job hunters land interviews! As I said, I am available and willing and ready to be of service.

- replacing "mediocre" resumes with "masterful" resumes and helping job hunters land interviews, Stephanie