Does Your Resume Have This?

Once in a while I work with a person who holds a job that s/he stumbled into, something that s/he kind of drifted into, a job that just sort of evolved. Or there are those who always knew they'd be a doctor, lawyer, surgeon, teacher (insert your own). I recall specifically one fellow who is a toy designer for a major global toy firm. Let's call him "Seth."

Seth had a hard time figuring out why he was good at what he did. "I don't know exactly; it's just what I do" is a response of his that comes to mind. What Seth could not articulate was what his talents or strengths were. Those are what got him to where he was - a major player with a major company delivering a toy that is a household name.

For these clients I suggest taking an online test, StrengthsFinder. It's a quick 20-minute test, costs under a very reasonable $10.00, and provides great insight into why you might be good at what you do.

The 34 strengths, with names like achiever, arranger, communication, competition, context, empathy, futuristic, maximizer, strategic, provide great insight into the wonderful strengths that combine to make You so great at Your job!

The test, completed and submitted, provides you with a report on what these strengths mean and how they "look" in your life.

I have used this test in many clients' resumes and other self-marketing documents and it's a marvelous resource for the job interview! Imagine being able to clearly define why you're great at sales, why you're able to think completely outside that proverbial box and come up with ideas that no one else even gets close to, why you're a teacher that kids clammer to hold hands with and want to stay in your classroom next year.

Lots of us who are in the right job don't really know how to explain to others why we're successful in that job; it seems so natural! Of course it is natural!

If your resume lacks flavour and doesn't "sound" like you, try the StrengthsFinder test. Challenge yourself to incorporate aspects of your strengths into the content.

- recreating resumes from mediocre to masterful, Stephanie