Five Tips for a Fast Job Search

The average job search is purported to take at least six months. Average also suggests a typical job search, i.e. what all others are doing.

Is there any way to circumvent "average" and accelerate a job offer? It's worth a try considering that a faster offer means pay coming in sooner. That's pretty good motivation for trying something different.

Here are five steps that will get you crossing that finish line sooner!

1. Learn to communicate value, not your position description. My number one concern with my clients is that at least 95% have no idea of how to communicate their value, not in the written word and not in an interview. Their existing resumes (before working with me) read like a position description, to which I say "so what?" as that's what most job hunter's resume are. And their interview skills are a non-influential listing of skills "I have experience with social marketing and have used Twitter and Facebook to promote my company." Again, big deal: Would the other applicants be applying with anything less? Value comes from showing how you've put your skills to use, not stating that you have skills. This is a huge piece of the puzzle folks and you cannot, CANNOT skip it if you hope to beat out competition.

2. Target your search. The most direct route from A to B doesn't include stops at C and maybe F, with meanderings to and fro, hither and yon, ponderings about the what-ifs and the maybes. Know your goal and work towards it. With today's need for a strong LinkedIn presence, a dual focus could work against you. Not sure of your goal? Reach out to an expert for assistance.

3. Create a list of targeted employers. There's no need to wait for a job posting, because if you make a list of employers that you'd love to contribute to, you can begin networking your way in. You've heard of that "hidden job market" right? This is how you source those hidden jobs.

4. Now that you know where you're heading, NETWORK! With a narrowed scope of possibilities, networking becomes doable.

5. Make direct contact. Yes! You're allowed, even though it's not the normal, typical, average job search method. But be sure you are ready for direct contact. You must have your self-marketing documents - resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, ready to go, and you must have your "elevator speech" ready to share.

These methods work and I speak from experience. Each of the five tips above is a book of its own, so this list is only a framework for more research.

If you'd like help with your own, targeted job search, New Leaf is available to assist!

- determined to get people working faster, Stephanie