Resume Before and After Sample

Sometimes I work with clients whose "before" resume isn't too bad. The resume appears to have good content, and aside from either an overly-long list of bullets or overly dense text in paragraphs, which a bit of formatting can address, I wonder how it might be improved.

I even have a moment of panic, now and then, thinking that if really this is as good as it gets, I may have to refund the client's money. After all, some people don't work hard and don't perform at work, and my resumes are based on truth and fact - no embellishments of any kind.

But that hasn't happened yet! After having my client complete a questionnaire, and after interviewing my client for additional facts - juicy info that defines that client's value - the "after" version is markedly different and much more influential.

Here's an example. A recent client's "before" resume listed the following information:

  • confident, effective communicator, creative problem-solver
  • provide excellence in customer service and negotiation
  • delegate tasks and allocate timelines for production
  • organize large scale projects from conception to final build
  • drafted and presented 3 multi-million dollar proposals, closing each contract

There was even a tag-line, which read "Exceeding Expectations in Every Interaction."

Here are a few "after" bullets:

  • Tripled expected project profit with outstanding preparation in sales proposal, hard contract negotiations, and relentless management of build.
  • Presented and closed three $multi-million proposals.
  • Doubled expected gross profits with well-planned proposals, precise budgeting, and detailed contract bid management.
  • Saved a $2M client with proactive negotiations and by taking over as Project Manager.

The new tagline, which to be effective must give you a clear indication of the position the client is qualified to hold, and which must be related to the bottom line, reads as follows:

"9-year, award-winning track record of managing construction projects and consistently maximizing revenues through reputation-building quality, management of expectations and trades, and skilful negotiations."

The client's resume content was rich with examples of how this client had put skills to use, to the benefit of the employer's bottom line. Proving you provide a return on investment, i.e. that your hire won't cost, but will benefit, is the single factor that will lead to more job offers, guaranteed.

And the single factor that will lead to more interviews? Today it's key words and phrases that meet the demands of the Applicant Tracking Systems.

-dedicated to composing masterful resumes that land interviews and job offers, Stephanie