Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume

Some of you might be thinking that I am referring to the "not so clever" recruiters who don't see a qualified person when they "meet" one via the resume! But no, I am casting no dispersions on recruiters! This article, "Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume" explains why you cannot ignore how recruitment is handled today.

From a recruitment point of view, it is cost-effective to hand off the pre-screening process to algorithm-driven software. It may be cost-effective but it's likely not effective in selecting the best candidate(s); after all, most of us don't write in an alogrith-inspired style!

The infographic in that article, linked above, provides great advice on how to meet the ATS standards. Give some of those a try and see if it boosts your interview rate.

However, following these instructions is not enough. Once you've landed an interview, you'll want to bring along another version of your resume: one that meets the expectation of human readers. It must be nicely formatted, meet the one to three page standard of length, and be full of rich context that demonstrates your skills "in action," and showcases your ability to solve problems, generate revenues, source savings, or enhance reputation.

Job hunting continues to evolve and like it or not, as a job hunter you must make an effort to keep up.

Ready to be of assistance in creating "robot-pleasing" and human-ready resumes, Stephanie