Contemplating Changes for 2015

Here it is mid-October, Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and as befits business planning, I am considering making some changes to my business in 2015.

Most significantly, perhaps, I am considering specializing for the first time. Now in the end stretch of my 9th full year of service as a Canadian resume writer, and having resisted specializing until now, I am 90% certain that it's time to do so.

Unlike most resume writers, I am not considering specializing in executive leve clients. Admittedly, that's where the money is, but money has never been my motivation. Sometimes I think that's unfortunate because it sure would be nice to be flush and take lots of time off! I've never been to Mexico, for example, or even the vacationer's "poor cousin," Cuba! But what can I do? Money isn't my motivator.

I love writing, and I love helping people land their dream job. So my specialization would be the true career changer. The cop who wants to be a social worker; the funeral director who dreams of being a number-crunching CPA; the Tool and Die Maker who exchanges his overalls for driving gear to drive a big-rig; the nurse who turns in her scrubs in favour of managing a health food store!

I cannot tell you the rush I get when a client emails me to say that s/he has landed her dream job, a job s/he thought was a long shot, a job s/he was told was impossible.

That's what motivates me!

The fees may stay pretty much the same, the packages might get tweaked, but I do think I'll specialize in the true career change resume, that most challenging of resumes! I love writing, appreciate the challenge of a true career change, and I will still serve the job hunter who is not making a huge change. I truly want to impact many lives with career support.

Your input is invited! What do you think I should change? What changes would you like to see?