Job Interviews and Offers - Not Always Straightforward

I encourage my clients to return with questions to which I am happy to provide insight. This is my research of what's going on in the recruitment scene.

Recently a long-time client emailed a series of questions leading up to and following her second interview.

"Linda's" first question had to do with the timing of this job. It came at a critical time for her current employer and she worried about her reputation. I suggested that companies rarely concern themselves with how their needs fit into the life circumstances of those they are laying off or terminating. It's a sad truth, but so true.

If she truly worried that the timing wasn't right, let the opportunity go; if it was perfect, seize the day!

However, she didn't have to follow ruthless, corporate decision-making patterns. I went on the suggest that if she was offered the position, she could test the waters and ask about a delay in the start date, which would allow her to complete her duties with her current employer. The new employer may respect her position and that could be seen as a big plus! But her choice should be true to how she feels and to her ethics; she must follow her conscience.

In general, that's my suggestions for all recruitment dilemmas. Be true to yourself. The employers who see this as a negative, so be it; those who see it as a positive, great! Somewhere, sometime, someone said something about truth being the best policy. I agree!

The take-away here is that there is seldom a "perfect" choice. No "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

- Stephanie