The One Thing that Will Dramatically Improve Your Interviewing Success

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a journalist for an upcoming article. I'll share a link when it's printed (I believe it's for the Toronto Sun newspaper).

One of her questions was "what one thing will improve people's interviewing success"? It's hard to pinpoint one, and instead of the answer that I did provide I could have chosen preparation, understanding buying motivators, and others.

But, I truly believe that the one over-riding thing that can improve your interviewing success, and dramatically so,  is attitude.

Now, it may not be what you're thinking. And if you're thinking attitude as in "too sure, too cocky," that's not it. Most of the people that I coach on interview strategies have the opposite problem: they are weak in their appreciation of their own value and come across not as confidently competent, but as needy. They leave their power at the door is the phrase I often use. They assume that the interviewer/interview team holds all the cards.

It's simply not so! And an attitude of anything less than equal spells neediness, uncertainty, lack of confidence - none of which is appealing to an interview team.

If you think that your own interview skills may convey the above less-than-appealing qualities, you would definitely benefit from brushing up on how to interview. Knowing how to prepare, how to convey your value, how to address buying motivators, and how to construct answers that will "wow" your audience will undoubtedly boost your confidence to interview well, dispell that aura of "lack," and propel you more reliably into the number one spot.

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- at your service, Stephanie