Sun Media artice - Group Interview Ideas

New Leaf is quoted in a recent Toronto Sun "Careers" article on how to stand out in a group interview. 

Stand out from the crowd 's freelance author Joanne Richard has written a great article  that explains the reasons why some companies select this form of interview to begin their selection process, as well as the strategies that will help you, if you're asked to attend one of these, to shine!

From the article:

Actioncoachcanada.compresident Brad Sugars inter-v iews in group settings because this allows managers to evaluate leadership qualities, team player attributes and see firsthand how you communicate with others.

From someone who has experienced many group interviews:

A group interview can be tough because although you want to stand out to employers and share what you have to offer, you are competing for their attention with others who are trying to do the same thing. There is usually limited time, which adds even more pressure.

And to learn what I had to say about how to relieve the pressure, you'll have to read the article. Just click on the article's title, Stand out from the crowd, above, for access to the PDF.