Customer Service and the Resume

Last week I had to send my BlackBerry off for repairs. Its speakers seemed incapable of transmitting my voice, which is already a quiet voice; potential clients couldn't hear me, which is obviously not a good situation!

And I happened to take the BB not to the Bell outlet from which I purchased it, but to another outlet. It was serendipity, as we happened to be passing by it on our way to a grocery store that we had never been to before. I'm glad we went there.

The customer service at GC Telecom Solutions Inc., was awesome! (their Ontario locations include York Street in London, Brideport Road East in Waterloo, and Huron Street in Stratford) It was a real contrast to the outlet from which I had purchased the BB less than a year prior. Although I had to give up my BB, the staff there made the transition seamless. I was grateful as I am no techie! Not only was the transition to a loaner seamless, but the attitude of all was friendly, helpful, conversational; in contrast, the first outlet had been low on smiles, help, interest, or chit-chat.

Customer Service Resume

Earlier this week I recreated a resume for a past client whose employment goal had changed. The first resume I composed on his behalf was to facilitate a transition to self-employment, and he had subsequently decided to return to a corporate workforce.

Aiming at a customer service role, I toned down the leadership aspect (critical thinking, initiative, sales, presentations), and rephrased and repurposed these to suit customer service. Rather than showcase a leadership skill set, I showcased his ability to "be of service." Here are a few sample bullets:

-  Served as first point of contact representing the organization.

-  Gathered and recorded feedback information and collaborated with customer service and other teams to analyze needs and improve software’s implementation.

- Revitalized internal processes, improving service and standardizing forms.


Of course the profile and list of skills further developed the service theme, referencing negotiations, problem solving, good listening, reading body language, conflict resolution and more.


This language significantly toned down his "leadership" resume, which included bullets such as the following:


Specific Projects and Accomplishments:

w  Business Process Mapping – Collaborated with Purchasing Manager to isolate and resolve process issues. Investigated marketing, logistics, and sales processes, and tailored solutions to impending ERP implementation.

o   Streamlined processes by 40%, which raised operational efficiency and lowered operational costs.

 Same client, different goals.

That's part of my service! Along with smiles, lots of attention, timely replies, and oodles of help, I love to use the written word to communicate the message that my client wants to convey.