The Value of Self-Study

If there's one thing that's certain, today's job hunter must keep learning. Sometimes diplomas and certificates are necessary to get into a field, but to get ahead in one's career self-study is also useful and effective. Having knowledge is great, but not having the capacity to interpret, invent, and apply is more and more critical.

Somehow I discovered The Great Courses. What a phenomenal resource! I immediately ordered two writing courses (Building Great Sentences and Writing Creative NonFiction) - those were for me of course! And I ordered one on photography for a daughter with a creative photographer's spirit, and one on South America for a daughter with wanderlust! I have plans for ordering more - one for my husband and I to share, on how to age well, for example! :-)

Smart career management might include titles like "Games People Play," "Argumentation - The Study of Effective Reasoning," and "Art of Critical Decision Making." Listed in your resume's "Education and Professional Development" section, these would only add credibility and likely spark a conversation.

If you have a few courses and a few books that you've read, which have influenced your working style, and workplace contributions and productivity, you could devote an entire page to explaining - briefly - what the courses/books were about and specifically how these impacted your work. What a great leave-behind or networking document that would be. I know it works as I have created just such a page for a client, with great job hunting success!