Post holiday-season financial blues?

It's funny, every year I say the same thing: Christmas snuck up on me. I know, I know, it's crazy talk! It comes around the same season, same month, same day, each and every year. I guess the truth is that I simply don't plan out the baking and cleaning and cooking very well, and it just feels sneeky!

I don't celebrate Christmas, per se, but  do get together with family and sometimes friends, hosting a meal, and between working, babysitting a grand-daughter, and other "stuff," that takes planning!

I bet that's what happened to some of the folks who have reached out to me, eager to get a resume for that dream job or to ward off the fear that comes along with impending change in their corporations - they just didn't plan. That's why they are asking for a discount.

One of my daughters has a saying "We commit money to what we value." Drinks with the guys Friday night, movies with the girls, splurge on January sales - we set aside or use our cards to buy what we value.

It's not that I'm without compassion or that I am greedy. In special circumstances I do resumes without charge. For example, I read of a family who lost their home to a fire, and dad, the breadwinner, was out of work. He got a free resume and cover letter. Another time I learned of a woman who adopted her sister's child, after her sister died of cancer shortly after becoming a mom. She, too, got a free service. Every year I help people out who have found themselves "down and out."

I think you can see that these folks needed a hand up.

A recent, repeat client, returning for a resume update and adding a LinkedIn presence to his career management toolbox asked for a discount. Then he wrote again, sharing that his wife reminded him that I, too, have a family to support and bills to pay! Thank you Mrs. B!

And I make sure that I give clients their money's worth. Each year, I invest in lots of training, so that I'm always up to date with recruitment standards. Last year, for example, I learned about how to construct LinkedIn headlines and summaries so that clients for whom I had written their LinkedIn info get found by recruiters who use LinkedIn as a database to quietly source suitable candidates. And with my knowledge and experience, I was asked to contribute to Career Professionals of Canada's Career Week - I created and presented three "lectures" on resume writing focusing on new grads, transferable skills for career changers, and on dealing with potential barriers to employment in the resume.

All by way of saying that the old maxim "you get what you pay for" holds true. Yes, you pay premium for my service and yes, you get your money's worth - and more! I love seeing clients succeed and support my clients well beyond the composing of their job search documents! Here's to a great year for us all!