The Best Interiew Tip Ever!

A few weeks ago I wrote and posted a blog on LinkedIn. And today, I received an email from LinkedIn titled "See how your posts are doing, Stephanie."

I get these email updates as I post new blogs or articles regularly. I like to check them out, see how they're doing, read and respond to comments.

Well, did that blog ever hit a nerve!

Previously my most read blog had had 824 views 22 likes and 2 comments. This one, which is titled "Perhaps the Most Important Interview Advice You'll Ever Get," has already had 2889 views, 182 likes and 20 overwhelmingly positive and encouraging comments.

Quite honestly, I almost fainted! LOL That's a lot of traffic and traction in a short time.

You know, I do feel that the recruitment process needs an overhaul.  The "power" lies with the employer, and in my opinion it's ridiculous that job hunters feel like the "poor country cousin" in the process. That is shifting. With baby boomers retiring in an ever-increasing pace, there will be less talent for the positions vacated, and that will restore a much-needed balance.

Have a read of the article as it definitely is amongst the best interview tips you're likely to read!