A LinkedIn Resource

Following up to the post that precedes this one, here is a link to a service that grades your LinkedIn profile:


This grader will not tell you how well your profile scores for the kind of positions you wish to attract; this grade simply tells you if you've taken all the steps possible to optimize your profile.

Mine scored 95%.

When you work with New Leaf Resumes, you receive a LinkedIn  resource workbook that walks you through this process, with screen shots and clear steps.

I have long thought that LinkedIn can become the new resume, that is, where job hunters will send recruiters in the near future. No more customizing resumes and cover letters, just a LinkedIn invitation or emailing your customized LinkedIn URL.

This may soon be here as a recent client, an engineer, shared that his networking efforts were all resulting in the same ask: to send a LinkedIn invitation. He couldn't bring himself to do this, though, as his LinkedIn was not yet optimized or even well developed.

First things first! The job search trio - resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn - ready to go and then the networking.