Interview Coaching

In two days' time, I've learned that three very recent clients have all landed interviews! It's so exciting for me as quite often clients forget to include me in their good news broadcast. Most of the time I only hear their story years later when they return for a resume update in preparing for their next step up the career ladder.

The clients really differ. The youngest is a new grad of construction management. His goal was ambitious: to land a few interviews quickly and be in a bargaining position! He has a firm strategy!

The eldest is a seasoned medical professional, internationally trained and moving to Canada in April. He landed an interview for the first position he applied to with his new, Canadianized resume.

And the middle one is again internationally trained, a young woman who moved from Europe to fulfill her dream of living in Canada. She is a marketing and event planning specialist. We haven't even gotten to her resume yet, but I helped her with an online application when she found a job posting for her "dream job." She handled the graphics and I finessed her words. She called me a "writing rock star"! Love it!

Two booked my interview coaching - the two new Canadians - to become familiarized with what to expect and how to approach it. My coaching goes beyond the usual by diving deep into strategy so that no matter what you are asked, you have a strategy to handle it.

It's so empowering and effective! It's not at all about embellishing and certainly requires no "fudging" of the truth. (I never - ever - advocate lying, not even if you've been terminated for cause.)

Once you know what it takes to convey your value, the plain truth will do very well. Here's an example.

I can tell you that I am a skilled resume writer who writes resumes for all levels of clients, along with cover letters and LinkedIn profiles and even complete executive portfolios. I can add that my credentials include certificates from Canadian and American associations.

Okay, that's nice, but that makes me very similar to oodles of other resume writers!

But if I tell you that my clients have a high success rate of landing interviews and making career dreams come true, that I have never yet missed a client's deadline for delivery of documents, and that I support my clients with loads of info on every conceivable topic related to today's job search and recruitment processes - maybe now you're excited!

One last thought: did you know that it's not always the best qualified candidate who lands the job offer but the candidate who interviews best? And that furthermore, this approach translates well into annual performance review conversations?

I'm available for interview coaching for those who are job hunting!