Reckless Abandon

Every once in a while I get totally inspired by another blog. Today is one of those days and the blogger who inspired me is Seth Godin. Reckless Abandon is the title of today's blog.

It's super short, so do read it first. Seth is a marketer, and since resumes, etc., are self-marketing pieces, his blogs often inspire me.

Sometimes I bet hiring a professional resume writer, at a premium fee, who you've never met and likely never will, who as far as you know exists only on the internet, can absolutely feel like reckless abandon. And throwing that old, faithful servant, your existing resume, into the trash might feel like that too!

But might I suggest that sometimes it's absolutely necessary?

If that old resume isn't landing you any interviews, or only landing interviews for jobs you don't really want (maybe below your capabilities?), maybe it's just old and tired, outdated and ineffective? Maybe the trash is exactly where it needs to go?

If your own skills are not able to improve that cliched resume, maybe it's worthwhile taking a chance on an unknown, remote-from-you resume strategist?(Hey, I admit that I can't do your job and believe me, not everyone is a good writer, and even fewer know how to write strategically.)

If you're thinking about hiring a professional, do "google" my name to assure yourself that I'm not only real, but really good at what I do! :-) Forgive me if that doesn't sound humble. There was a time when I wasn't particularly skilled at anything in my life - I was a pretty good cook, a decent staff member, an avid crafter, but an expert in anything? No. Once I discovered that I loved to write and then tapped into the world of resumes, I took off! And yes, I am now an expert. I can own that title.

Reckless abandon is sometimes the perfect strategy to better things! Here's another one: I left a good-paying, pensioned position to be self employed, which would fit some people's definition of "reckless abandon," but I don't regret it. Rather than reckless, it was self-discovery and far from abandoning anything, again, I found myself.

Well, I think that's enough of that early-morning ramble! On to my day of interview coaching, editing and emailing a recent client's resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn, and a wrap up call with another recent client, before I can call it a day! Have a good one .... Stephanie