Toxic Workplace

I am working with a client, let's call her Clare, who needs out, like yesterday. Her company isn't the problem, but her new manager is. Well, her manager isn't that new - she's been the manager for a couple of years - but Clare believed she could make it work.

It's hard to change jobs, I get that. Finding a new job can be a full time job in itself - finding suitable job postings, filling in sometimes long application processes, getting booted out of the system because you timed out and having to start again, finding time to network - this is all time-consuming stuff. And there's still the household chores to do!

What is it about us human beings that we choose to wait, try, hope, maybe even cast spells of conciliation? It seems we'll try everything other than the one thing that could help: talking. And not that talking will necessarily fix the issue, not at all. Dismal results to our attempt to discuss the issues will tell us earlier that it's time to skeedaddle! But it will tell us one way or the other, to stay or to go, saving months or years of frustration and possibly tears ... maybe even falling into poor health as chronic stress has a way of letting us know, through serious or debillitating symptoms, that something has to change.

If your workplace is toxic or your manager is out to get you fired, please don't wait until you truly cannot stand one more day. Even a strong job search, with outstanding self-marketing documents, takes time.

Unfortunately that scent of desperation is not attractive in the job hunt. It signals a lack of initiative, perhaps poor judgement, the ability to ignore what should be addressed, and poor communication skills as well - none of which promote you as a viable, strong candidate. Like in dating, desperation is not "sexy."

There are steps to take to ensure your job search is confidential: turn off your activity alerts on LinkedIn and don't participate in its job search groups! If you need more suggestions for launching a confidential job search, consider hiring New Leaf for a job coaching session. Don't wait, like Clare, until you're on the verge of either quitting or taking a leave of absence, neither of which are good job search strategies.