Leading Marketer's Tips for Finding a Job

The list of questions below come to you courtesy of Seth Godin's blog. Mr. Godin is a recognized leader in the marketing field and I am often inspired by his posts. After all, the recruitment process, from the job hunter's perspective, is an exercise in SELF-marketing.

When providing potential clients a resume assessment of their existing document, I mostly see historical job descriptions - dry, boring, clone-like lists of duties. These are by no means resumes; they do not market value, which is one of the tips provided in Godin's blog.

Consider these questions:

Can you show me a history of generous, talented, extraordinary [side] projects? (My brackets - I would rephrase this to "side or job-related" projects.)

Have you ever been so passionate about your work that you've gone in through the side door?

Are you an expert at something that actually generates value?

Have you connected with leaders in the field in moments when you weren't actually looking for a job?

Does your reputation speak for itself?

Where online can I see the trail of magic you regularly create?

Each one of these could create phenomenal resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn additions. This is the type of information that I regularly add to my clients' resumes - if the person can cite an example following my prompts and questioning (I know how to dig deep to unearth resume gold).

For example, here's an idea for the second point - demonstrating passion and going in by the "side door." If you've volunteered to join a committee at work because the project was one that used your talents and integrated your values, that would be a great example of this idea:

  • Volunteered to chair our company's first corporate responsibility committee, leveraging knowledge of the subject from my previous job and tapping into a strong personal value; led team of 10 to deliver company's inaugural corporate responsibility statement, and to plan next steps.


  • Promoted to Customer Service Manager role, newly created, in recognition of introducing and implementing 3 successful service measures - while in administrative role - that reduced compaints by 30% and increased customer satisfaction survey score by 20 points, unprecedented in company's history.

As for the last point - about an online trail of magic (love that phrase!), at the very least, today's savvy job hunter must have a professional presence in the form of LinkedIn. With its advanced capabilities, you can now add documents and presentations as links to your profile, creating that "trail of magic" that Mr. Godin so eloquently refers to.

Not sure how to realize this form of resume? Not proud of your shabby LinkedIn? I'd love to help.