LinkedIn is Great, Except ....

I get LinkedIn invitations almost daily from people asking me to connect. Sometimes it's from colleagues, other resume writers or career coaches, and often it's job hunters who want to ask about my services.

The best aspect of LinkedIn concerns my clients, many of whom are being contacted by recruiters asking them to apply to jobs they were not even aware of after they uploaded their new New Leaf-composed LinkedIn profiles.

For example, one client, a VP, was contacted by two recruiters, applied to two C-level positions and accepted an offer. She is now a happy CAO.

Another, a new grad productively employed in his first post-grad, study-related position, is fielding monthly LinkedIn-instigated employers' invites to apply to jobs, according to his friend, another new grad for whom I recently finished a resume/cover letter/LinkedIn package.

But, there's always a down-side as is the yin and yang of life.

In the article "Three Annoying Things that Happened on LinkedIn" posted on, the three things have indeed happened to me. I do regularly accept invitations to connect from folks I don't know and this isn't at all unusual. After all, to be found on LinkedIn requires one to meet certain algorithms and being connected to at least 500 people is one of these suggested tactics. I sure don't know 500 people but I am connected to over 1000 I believe. Most are legitimate fine folks and then there are the few.

I've been propositioned. Apparently one man saw me as like-minded, assuming I was of the same religion as he, and single. No and no.

Another, a lady this time, claimed to be the Walmart heiress and wanted to partner with me on a new charity venture. I guess she thought I was wealthy. Nope.

And then there are those who want something for nothing. Not just endorsements though. No, they want free resume advice and work. It seems they feel that since we're both on LinkedIn, we're friends and I'll skip my need to earn a living. No can do.

But these annoyances are few and far between. I think LinkedIn is doing a fine job at keeping the networking career site robust, and with a bit of your own good judgement, pretty safe.

It's now a job board, recruiter hang out, and great career building and job search tool. For most of those in the work force, it's a necessity.

How's your LinkedIn looking? If it's rather dull, mediocre, non-descript, boring even, it's a good idea to put some effort or investment into leveraging its awesome capabilities!