What a ladder, hammer, and resume writer have in common


Once again, a pearl of wisdom from uber-marketer, Seth Godin.

In today’s blog, Go Find a Ladder, link above, he posits that it is more useful to use a ladder than no tool at all to scale a height and more useful to use a hammer than a rock when nailing. Even if you have to invest in the tool.

If I apply this maxim to my own work, it’s more expedient to hire a writer of resumes than try to cobble one together on your own - especially, I will add, if you have no training in the art and science of resume content development. And even more critically, if you have an obstacle that you feel is holding you back or has the potential to impede your job search. Obstacles like a gap in employment, a lack of “expected” educational credentials, a mix and match list of employments, “too many” years with one employer, a recent employment that feels like a step back rather than forward, or completely unrelated history of employment (as in military transitions).

You’ll note that I placed a few phrases in quotation marks. This is because these are not issues that I myself see as insurmountable, but many do feel their stigma. My experience has been that there are fewer insurmountable issues than most believe. But as the saying goes, “as I think, so I am” (or something along those lines). If you think something is hurting your career, your belief has a good chance of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You may be feeling that I know something you don’t.

It’s true; I do know something you most likely don’t.

I know resume strategy. How to overcome “stinkin’ thinkin’” that thwarts success. Specifically, I know how to position or frame experience so that what appears to be a drawback becomes a big plus. I am skilled at composing an achievement statement that flattens the argument of “lack of education.” Strategy, dear readers, is key.

I also have a talent for the written word. Although I cannot manage a large project nor work in any field of medicine (I cry far too easily), I was born with a sincere love of reading and writing. Thankfully, I found a way to use my gift for writing and now use it to better others’ careers. I live vicariously through my clients’ successes! It’s marvelous to learn that a client landed his or her “dream job", finally, after so many years of trying without success. I’m energized to hear that a client landed her or his first management or executive role, even though the person felt a bit junior yet. And, I must add, I always stick to 100% truthful statements and no embellishment of any kind.

There is power in the written word. Used well, your career soars; used poorly, your career stalls.

So how’s your resume working for you?