Overcoming Obstacles to Hire: Ageism

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Now in my 12th year as owner of New Leaf Resumes, I've helped many people well into their 60s land career-related positions. One professional, in purchasing and logistics, was far too energetic to retire even though he was 67. He not only overcame the age discrimination issue, but also one of serious over-qualification as he had held the position of senior executive with a multi-national corporation.  He successfully accepted a role as manager within a mid-sized university. How did he do it? With a strategic resume and transparency.

In his resume, I emphasized results related to saving money, reducing waste, improving the bottom line - it's always about the bottom line (or reputation and optimization in not-for-profits). Focus in on productivity, performance, and profits, and you can overcome most potential "obstacles to hire." 

Secondly, in his cover letter, I chose to write with transparency, admitting to his over-qualification and retirement-worthy age. Emphasizing his energy to spare, willingness to contribute without taking over, and desire to share his knowledge, we quickly eliminated questions related to his intent. You can absolutely overcome age or gender discrimination with solid strategy and by addressing that bottom-line benchmark.

Let me know if I can be of service in creating a strategy that eliminates your obstacles to hire.