How to answer the interview question of "why you"?

Lucky dog never has to attend a job interview! Why him? Because the cuteness factor abounds!

Lucky dog never has to attend a job interview! Why him? Because the cuteness factor abounds!

You're in the interview for your dream job and it has gone so well. You've answered each question with confidence and good detail. The interview team is engaged and nodding their heads while they jot down their notes. 

And then you are asked "Why should we select you if we have another client who is equally skilled?" 

You keep your smile plastered while your mind races. "What do they want now, I've told them how I get results and how I exceed expectations. I gave them numbers, facts, used key words in my answers ... I did it ALL!!! WHAAAATTT do they need now?"

Deep breath.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep selling yourself into the role.

1. If you perceived through how questions were posed that they are looking for one overall attribute - work ethic or cooperation, for example - emphasize how you fit that requirement by referring to relevant performance review details or other "proof."

2. Refer to your methodology. Few think to integrate this aspect of what makes them efficient and effective. Outlining how you approach the hardest aspect of your work can clinch your number one status.

3. Pull in innate talents or strengths. If you're unsure what these may be, take Gallup's StrengthsFinder test. (Go to Sorry, I couldn't get the embedded link to work.)

Knowing that creativity is a top strength - or strategic, intellection, connectivity, whatever it is - will give you the language to pull into an explanation of why you are asked to join brainstorming sessions, strategic planning meetings, or asked for your input on proposed solutions. 

Distinguishing yourself from the competition isn't necessarily easy, but it's definitely doable. It takes a knowledge of the employer's "buying motivators" as well as self knowledge. 

If you need help with your interview technique, give me a call. My award-winning interview method gives you the tools with which to answer any interview question. 

Stephanie Clark

Accomplished resume writer with a passion for the written word. Customer-focused service provider who evaluates her own success by each client’s job search success!