Chaos vs Order

Career Choices

In today’s blog from master marketer Seth Godin, as always, a worthwhile reminder:

It’s easy to imagine that things are going to calm down, that there’s a neutral position coming up, and that it’s all going to go back to normal.

But the swirl is normal. It’s always been this way. Changing.

There is no ‘ever after’. There’s just the chaos of now.

I learn the truth of this more and more as my life evolves. There is no real status quo, no real equilibrium. Life is constantly in flux, sands shift, circumstances change.

I recall my mother recently reacting to the news that my youngest was taking herself on a grand adventure and moved out to BC! Mom said she liked it better in the old days when people didn’t move. I gently reminded her of a few key facts. “Mom,” I said, “you forget that your own mother and father both moved from Ukraine to France and that you all moved to Canada when you were 16!”

She laughed.

The lesson here is that when it comes to your career, just because you love your job and do it well, it’s safer to assume that it will not last forever. It’s best not to rest on laurels as these count for little when management gets an idea to shake things up, downsize, reorganize, modernize, upheavalize!

Family owned businesses are taken over by the young (and often styles clash or the new operators should never have been entrusted with something they are not equipped to lead), big corporations hire new leaders (who may not like you), and even not-for-profits are no promise of job security (I’ve learned that do-good places are not reliably “feel good” places - toxic cultures exist in each sector!).

To manage your career with proactive measures that will prepare you for change, as it inevitably comes, is a must.

Did you know that a strategic, targeted, expertly crafted resume can overcome many potential obstacles to hire? Yes, even being let go due to a reorg. Yes, even when you feel you’re not desirable because you have a few wrinkles and a sprinkle of grey. Yes, even if you are competing against those with more education, or when your education is severely lacking or completely irrelevant.

No lying. No embellishment. No smoke and mirror magic. Rather, a proven formula to job search success.

Strategy + excellent writing skills = foundation of a strong job search.

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