Energize Your Career!

I often say that Canadians don't know much about career management. If I compare my U.S. clients to my Canadian clients, I find that Canadians are less proactive, do not consider strategy when navigating their career, are far too humble and thus don't "sell" themselves into a job ... this is troublesome!

There are definitely things that can be done to energize one's career. Which brings me to introducing you to a dear friend, Anne Carbert, a wonderful career cousnellor and coach. Anne believes in engaged living and is a fine model of living from a place of enthusiasm and wholeheartedness! And she loves to coach others to inspire them with concrete ways to make the most of their careers.

Energize Your Career

The link above will take you to Anne's flyer, announcing her October workshop. If you live near Stratford, Ontario, give this some thought. In fact, don't think too much, just do it! The fee is reasonable, the facilitator delightful and experienced, and the info will serve you well throughout your career!

If you don't live near Stratford, but would like to engage a career coach to help you through career snafus or tough decisions, Anne works with clients from acrosss Canada and from a wide variety of backgrounds, especially unconventional ones. Grab a friend or come alone .. you're certain to take away valuable information, perhaps even career changing information!