A Tale of Two Resumes

Check out my latest blog at LinkedIn - A Tale of Two Resumes. A recent client, one of the few clients who chose to proceed with two resumes, prompted that post.

Actually, although s/he paid for two, the client is now hesitant. You see, the client has been unemployed for a few years, battling an illness. When we first spoke, s/he was so excited that his/her need to land a job quickly would soon be realized - I know that what I do works for my clients, and s/he finally had justified hope for a quick job search. But after a few years away from a working environment, now that the prospect of landing a job quickly is imminent, s/he, I think, is understandably frightened or apprehensive. The client wrote to ask whether I am open to returning the payment (of course I will as no service or product has been provided).

(That the client is frightened or apprehensive is my seasoned opinion. Emotions and motivation are difficult enough for a personal counsellor to decipher, and not part of my job, of course!)

Do read the LinkedIn blog post - I think that one resume is plenty. Find out why!