Resume Before and After

An Electrical Supervisor sent me a 5-page resume, 6-pages if you count the references he included in the resume.

Those many pages had more electrical skills than leadership skills, and many were duplicated, role after role.

I compiled those electrical skills into an addendum, and recreated his resume to focus in on leadership. Here are a few of the "before" bullets:

  • pre and post job briefs
  • orchestrate and lead an efficient electrical crew
  • organized and work with other trades

And here are a few of the "after" bullets:

  • Entrusted with progressive responsibility – Establishing Authority, Holder of Record, and recently as Supervisor/Foreman of a team of 13.
  • Scheduled rotating crew of 13 in this multi-year mine expansion with 16 electrical crews. Troubleshot materials shortage, oversaw safety, and collaborated with other onsite trades.
  •  Commended by several management staff, up to Project Superintendent, on exemplary standard of safety: hold record of no lost time due to injuries.

It's the last one that is critical - safety and its related costs are a big deal in a super-sized, complex, safety-challenged environment.

Of course I also addressed his ability to work with other trades, monitor his team's performance, and complete and share the paperwork that goes with his role.

But the 5-pager shrank to a concise 2-pager that lost no details and communicated outstanding leadership.

If you though a "resume is just a resume" and that "they're all the same," I beg to differ!

- committed to taking resumes from mediocre to masterful, Stephanie