Social Media and Recruitment

I offer many services, but resumes and cover letters remain the backbone. I don't see this changing any time soon, even though now and again there is yet another article that predicts the resume's demise. (It's not going anywhere for now.)

However, I do see that this basic self-marketing twosome will have to make room for an effective threesome as LinkedIn is absolutely exploding as a must-have addition for most professional positions. Here are a few statisitcs that explain:

* 69% of recruiters expect competition to increase in 2015 and they plan to invest more in social recruiting, with social media topping their list of recuiting methods at the rate of 73%

* 83% of job seekers rely on Facebook, which accounted for 26% of hires, lagging far behind LinkedIn as recruiters' top social recruiting network, which came in at 79% of hires!

Job seekers are not "hanging out" where the recruiters are! That's a problem that's easy to fix. Like Facebook, LinkedIn is also free and very user friendly. However, LinkedIn does require strategy: a job target, a headline that helps recruiters find you, a summary that contains key words and phrases appropriate to the job you're aiming for, and content that defines your workplace value (results, accomplishments, achievements, brand, expertise).

Competition is expected to increase because the demand for skilled labour is high, but the supply is low and hiring is on the rise across industries. (The statistics are taken from Jobvite's 7th annual survey, Social Recruting Survey Results 2014.) Competition is also high because job seekers are always ready for their next great opportunity and will switch for better pay, growth, and perks, for example.

94% of the almost 2000 recruiters and human resources surveyed used LinkedIn as an "essential recruitment tool across industries." Facebook trailed behind at 66% and Twitter at 52%. However, Facebook accounted for a measly 26% of hires and LinkedIn accounted for an astounding 79% of social media hires.

They used LinkedIn to search for candidates, contact the candidates, keep tabs on potential candidates, vet candidates prior to extending interview invitations, and to post jobs.

All this by way of saying that if you are not on LinkedIn, whether because you think you don't have the time, or you want to stay more private, if you're in job hunt mode, you're really thwarting your success if you don't create a professional LinkedIn presence. And if you want to attract recruiters' attention, you'll want to ensure that our LinkedIn is optimized to the max. As one of four Canadians schooled in MaxOutLI, I'd love to be of service!

p.s. Some people don't need a LinkedIn presence at this time. Educators come to mind. I also had a CSIS "spy" who certainly wouldn't need to be on LinkedIn!