Emails that bounce back, being human, and a bit of rambling ...

It's odd and as I'm no techie, I don't understand how this can happen (if any readers can enlighten me, please do!), but this has happened perhaps two or three times in my years of business. A reader writes to me, using the handy "contact me" box on my website's right hand banner, and when I respond, the email bounces back as undeliverable!

What's with that?!

The latest one was from a person who signed off with the name "Noe," although that name was not in the email address. If this is you, know that I replied, but the reply was rejected and the reason given was "mailbox unavailable."

Which brings me to the general topic of customer service. I strive to reply quickly, certainly within 24 hours, so if I haven't, it's either because your email didn't make it, my reply wasn't accepted, or sometimes I have to admit that an email gets buried under too many emails and I lose track of it. It doesn't happen often, but I am only human after all - I don't claim to be perfect, just super committed to treating my clients and readers with attentive service.

The buried email happened last week, to an existing and long-time client, who needs a resume update. It feels yucky to have forgotten someone's work. Thankfully she is not in a hurry, but proactively getting ready for a job search. Somehow, knock on wood, I have not yet missed a critical deadline for any client! Thank goodness!

On another note, I will finish reviewing "The Infographic Resume" soon as I've received another new book to review, again from McGraw Hill Education. "Great Answers Great Questions for your Job Interview" looks like another worthwhile read!I'd best get cracking on the reading.

I'm also in the midst of Wally Lamb's "We are Water," which I so far find intriguing! This is typical - lots of books on the go, fiction and non-fiction.

And I have a mandala project waiting for me at my craft table. I sat down to create a healing mandala for a friend who is recovering from cancer, but that got put on hold as the mandalas (a series of two small ones) titled themselves "Accepting Imperfection"! No idea where this came from, but such is the wonder of contemplative mandelas. As I work through them, I am sure that I will understand the "why."