News to Share

It's been awhile since I blogged! I've missed it, but active clients had to come first and January and February have been busy months.

Not only have I had many new clients (and my first from Brazil!), I also put together and submitted a comprehensive portfolio to Career Professionals of Canada to achieve my master-level certificate. The portfolio included an executive-level resume, professional biography, cover letter, recruiter letter, and thank you letter.

I am proud to share with you that I am now recognized at a master level from both Canadian and U.S. career organizations!

But, as recruitment continues to change and evolve, I will continue to take courses to keep my skills polished, and am currently focusing on improving my knowledge of LinkedIn as a social media recruitment tool. I have taken one course and am scheduled for another on this topic.

Next month I will participate in a CPC teleclass on documents suitable for portfolios, and the following month, I will facilitate a teleclass on how to conduct client intake interviews to ensure that the information gathered produces the very best resume possible - authentic, entirely customized, and effective.

One last little bit of news to share. Because I no longer refer to my resource library, I've donated several resume books to the Waterloo Public Library. The following should be on its shelves soon:

- Top Secret Executive Resumes

- Best Resumes for New Grads

- Blue Collar Resumes

- Best Canadian Resumes, 2nd Edition

This last one has samples of my work in it, as does the 3rd Edition, which I will keep in my library until there is a 4th Edition printed.

I'll try to blog again soon on a topic related to today's job search. If you have special request topics, please let me know! ~ Stephanie