Are resumes overrated?

Seth Godin, he's the bald headed fella, is a marketing guru that I've quoted in my blogs several times. After all, resumes etc. are self-marketing documents; there's a very real connection between his work and mine!

In today's blog, References available upon request, he shares strong opinions on resumes. I agree that the ubiquitous "references available upon request" is a silly ending. As if you could refuse and still be taken seriously? (But there's a much better way to refer to references that I use to anchor resumes for those clients who have truly outstanding reputations and hence, references!)

And the objective statement I've long held as a non-selling resume feature as it doesn't address the employer's interests; it addresses your own interests. (Drop me an email and I'll send you an article I wrote on this topic.)

So is the resume overrated? Could be. But for now it's still the most requested document requested, used to facilitate the recruitment selection process. For that reason alone, it's still worth having a dynamite resume. Not one of those blah, blah versions that Seth refers to in his blog, but one that captures your essence, communicates the value of what you did at the jobs you've held, and sparks interest in the reader, influencing him or her to call you in for an interview!