Why this is an excellent resume

Before you go on to read what I have to say, check out the example, and the reasons. Why this is an excellent resume.

I heartily agree! I can't disagree with any of the points. The objective statement is a dinosaur, outlandish formatting lends no credibility to ability (unless you are a graphic designer and then it needs to be stylish, not outlandish), and impedes the need to appease Applicant Tracking System technology, which is critical.

Many job seekers do not realize that employers are increasingly using these ATSystems to "read" applicants' resumes. Obviously the ATS doesn't read; rather, it scans the text looking for the pre-programmed key words and phrases. Omit your address, and you've lost points. Put your name in an unreadable text box, and you're done for. Use a functional resume and you score so low that you'll never get short-listed.

Job search tactics have gone high tech and it's up to the job seeker to either research or hire a professional to ensure that s/he has ticked off all the boxes - at least the 19 identified in this article - to stay in the running.

Committed to staying on top of trends in the resume,interview and job search process, I make sure that I can help my clients with up-to-date know-how.

- here to be of service, Stephanie