Welcome to New Leaf Resumes, a leading Canadian professional resume writing service dedicated to composing **ATS-optimized, interview-generating resumes and  providing interview coaching that supports you in landing job offers.

It is possible. Your resume can land you interviews. And we know how.


**ATS are Applicant Tracking Software systems used by job boards and many employers to scan and evaluate resumes. If your resume does not meet strict formatting criteria, your application can be completely knocked out. Without strategic content that communicates your value and impresses recruiters, it will not land you an interview. New Leaf is skilled in creating resumes that meet ATS - and recruiter - criteria.

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Your Resume and Today's Recruitment Process

As a recognized, award-winning resume expert I love my role of guiding job hunters and career transitioners through today's recruitment maze. I do so with up-to-date knowledge of today's recruitment scene and "reasoned and seasoned" insights. 

Restoring lost confidence, reinvigorating each job search, and delighting each client - these are my goals and what I do best for each of my clients. I sincerely believe that everyone deserves meaningful work, with the word "meaningful" individually defined.

I am on a mission to help job seekers land the right job by composing strategic, influential, top-shelf resumes and other career portfolio documents. 

There is no room for mediocrity if a resume is to generate interviews.


Job Search Products, Fees

I enjoy the challenge of composing resumes for job seekers undertaking a significant career transition (military to civilian, for example), professionals in not-for-profit where results and accomplishments are challenging to define, careerists aspiring to government positions (municipal, regional, provincial, federal), and technical roles in IT and Engineering. Let's explore your situation and identify how my skills can be of service to meet your career goal.

Instructor / Speaker


Ah, if I'd known then what I know now! This thought inspires me to share my deep knowledge of career management topics. Here are a few that may be perfect for your group or event...

Executive Career Portfolios


For many years you may have enjoyed moving ahead in your career connecting to opportunities through networking or proactive referrals...but all of a sudden, you must have a competitive resume or better yet, a portfolio of value-showcasing documentation. New Leaf Resumes excels in creating amazing portfolios. 


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